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Launch of Scout IR and acquisitions of Capital Access Group and Research Tree

Scout IR Ltd is pleased to announce its formation and the launch of a unique portfolio of independent, investor relations services providing investment research distribution and corporate access for companies, brokers and investors alike.

Responding to the regulatory and technological changes in equity markets alongside changes in how our stakeholders distribute, search for and consume information, Scout IR has been formed through the acquisition of Capital Access Group, the specialist corporate access and investor relations advisory business, and Research Tree, the research aggregator; both leaders within their respective markets.

These transactions give Scout IR a solid platform upon which to build a group that can link companies, their Brokers and all market participants to investors and vice versa.

Scout IR’s services enable more efficient information flows between all stakeholders. It extends the reach of research providers and companies, delivering research, marketing material and corporate access to a wider audience of investors.

With the need for investor relations programmes to be underpinned by knowledge and data, alongside changes to the way in which investors consume information, Scout IR is well positioned to deliver its various services effectively through its combination of technology, analytics and relationships.

Scout IR is assessing several other opportunities within the international investor relations industry to broaden its portfolio and augment the services it can offer.

Both Capital Access Group and Research Tree will operate independently with no sharing of sensitive proprietary data, in order to protect their respective clients’ confidentiality.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Brickles, Chairman of Scout IR said;

“Investor relations is undergoing significant change as the consequences of MiFID II come to the fore and corporate governance requirements are being fully embraced by companies. Alongside these external factors, technology is changing the ways in which users both consume and disseminate data. We believe that these changes will increase the demand for support from both listed companies and investors. Scout IR has been created to address this requirement.”

“Our commitment is to support and improve the on-going and emerging dialogue between all of the participants in the equity markets, and we look forward to continuing to benefit and work for companies, brokers and investors alike.”

As a result of the acquisition both Capital Access Group and Research Tree have moved into new offices at 107 Cheapside in the City of London.

For further information, please contact:

Scout IR

Chairman – Simon Brickles - +44 (0)20 7397 2938

Capital Access Group

CEO - Richard Feigen - +44 (0)20 7397 2935

Research Tree

CEO – Rob Mundy - +44 (0)20 7397 2936

Notes to editors:

Capital Access Group has provided a range of investor relations services to companies for over two decades. Focused on the important Private Client Fund Management and wealth management audience, the Group offers listed companies corporate access, investor perception studies issuer sponsored research and investor targeting to over 500 individual fund management groups.

Research Tree is one of the fastest growing research aggregators within the UK. It provides portal access to over 40,000 reports provided by over 600 analysts from around 50 research firms covering over 3,000 public companies, primarily in the UK. Research Tree distributes beyond its platform through agreements with major venues such as the London Stock Exchange.

Its clients range from institutional and wealth management, through to family offices and High Net Worth professional investors. It also offers valuable free resources such as commissioned research distribution to large numbers of retail investors.

Scout IR has been created to build a unique portfolio of independent, investor relations services providing investment research distribution, investor relations and corporate access for companies, brokers and investors alike.

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